Korean Quilts

A trip to Korea and the happenstance discovery of a quilt show called "Fairy Tales" left memories of amazing creativity... All but one of these quilts were hand-pieced and hand quilted. (Can you guess the one? It has a tree in it and was machine quilted.) There were also some traditional quilts, which I tried to place side by side. They were also created entirely by fine hand stitching.

Most were large. For instance, Cinderella and Snow White were nearly 72" high. I put in some detail photos, but didn't always get them next to the bigger picture. Hansel and Gretel was my favorite (with the witch beside it) and the detail photos nearly at the end of this post. Note Gretel's skirt: those red and white squares were about 3/8" and all hand-pieced. What a treat... please ENJOY!