Friday, December 8, 2023

Slower but Steadier

It seems to take me a long time to get a finish. Procrastination. Lazy. Too much else on my plate. Whatever the excuse, I finished three since the last post. 

These two are for refugees, the same family as three recently posted. They are a mom/dad and their adult children -- two young men and two young women. Beautiful people. They show their quilts off to every visitor! These two are similar. Both guys sent a picture of what they liked, and one of the pictures had a beautiful woman in it. 

That helped me work faster because this guy is a big tease and I could hardly wait to tease him... told him I was sorry that I could give only the quilt to him as I couldn't find that gal anywhere, no matter how hard I looked. He was laughing so hard, and especially because I found out he told another person that the woman in the photo was his girlfriend back where he had been living. He made that up, but I knew because I used it on Google search to see if there was a pattern for it so I could get an idea of how much fabric I'd need. I discovered that photo came off an add for a bedspread! What fun to out-do this guy and his crazy humor! 


The third one is a table runner Christmas gift for a DIL so cannot post it in case she peeks. Lots of other things on the go, like two improv quilts using blue scraps. I am still certain that scraps multiply in the dark or at least are related to rabbits.

Also have many other projects in various stages, mostly go-together fabrics in a box, some with a pattern or at least an idea. Having the five done/gifted is helping me get over that procrastination.

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Elaine Adair said...

I was glad to find you again, and happy to hear you are still going forward. We both stay busy, don't we? I promised myself I'd get a new post and photos up but ... you know, those squirrel things keep interrupting. All is well on my end of the world, just so much needs doing. I bought a new machine, Janome 6700P as the previous one just wore out with too-much MQ'ing .