Saturday, November 11, 2023

Much needed vacation

 Our daughter and hubby recently moved to a different city in a different state. They bought an older house that needs work but when they first walked into it, they "felt happy" and I now know why. This is their view out the living room window and off the patio. I may never go home!

Also while here, daughter gave me an older i-pad that she is not using. I'm now considering a Mac desktop as I discovered that Mac designers think a lot more like I do than the people at 'you know where' and my mind seems relieved. Time will tell. It could be relieved just from the views out each window in this house. Until then, we are enjoying 100 foot trees in fall colors and the peace and quiet of hearing only the occasional 'ping' off the 18th tee.

The to-do list and UFOs seem far, far away...


Anonymous said...

I have worked on both Mac and the other operating system. I hardly ever have to reboot the machine and when I do the process is quick. It is a matter of software you like to use. I still use EQ7 for the Mac but I often have to delete it and reinstall because the emulator gets confused. The files are intact, but the default settings have to be reestablished after every install. The newer M2 or is it M3 chips are very very fast now.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks for that. I'm still experimenting. I have EQ8 on my PC so will see what happens. Just glad to change to software that makes sense and does not control my life!!