Tuesday, January 11, 2022

 Oops, still no photos, but there is a reason. I finally made a decision that Christmas was not going to sneak up on me this year. So I made a list of those who get gifts, arranged them starting with the people who live the farthest away. Then I made another list of possible gifts. So, I am sewing for someone who may be looking at this blog, and do not want to ruin the surprise (she loves surprises but always tried to find out ahead of time). 

Our cold snap weather finally broke today, with temps above freezing, right now 2C or about 36F. The 2-3 foot snow drifts have slumped and the streets (with a little freezing rain last night) are now skating rinks. All the more reason to hibernate and sew!

Just washed my sofa quilt for the first time. It is a favorite. Rather than a link, here is a picture...

 Stay warm, and stay safe!

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