Thursday, January 20, 2022

Flowers with Friends

I published this top before, but now it is FINISHED with a deep sense of gratitude. It was not fun. The pieces were leftovers from a different layout and given back to our guild where the fabric and pattern had been donated. The white background (don't know why it looks pink here, artificial light likely) material is heavy and my longarm did a lot of thumping going over the seams. Also, it needed white batting and I could not find a thinner option, so that adds to the thickness. 

It looks pretty though, and I hope whoever gets it enjoys it. Colors are fun. I used a panto called Saffron Blossoms, not too densely quilted. Didn't want to add the the weight. Still, it feels good that it is done. In my record book, it is #257. Also changed the name from Leaves and Friends because the panto looks a bit like leaves but more like flowers.

I'm working on Christmas gifts, so will not publish them here unless totally convinced that the recipient will not be peeking. Trying to do others in between so hopefully will have a few that can be posted.

We have lots of snow with up/down temps. Dropped 20 degrees Celsius in a couple hours this week. Our storms are much like those on the east side of USA but it is much colder here, but power outages are rare. Hibernating is okay!

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Elaine Adair said...

End result -- it's lovely!