Friday, September 3, 2021

No sleep, but it is finished

I stayed up late one night to finish the binding (hand-sewn) and put on the label. Regretted that later but it feels so good to have this one finished. 

The recipient wanted a black quilt. I couldn't do it. Too depressing? Maybe. I used a mottled black for most of the top and backing and stuck in a panel that I just love. If she hates the quilt, I will have no trouble keeping this one. The panel invites you into the scene. I lopped off the sides and put the pieces into flying geese that look like triangular windows up the sides. A bit of a challenge but was not as hard as I dreaded. Used a dark green to frame them and the panel and quilted it mostly with a panto called "Oh My Feathers" ... but went a little wild in the mountains. No quilting on the windows other than in the ditch. Pictures show the results.


The label is cool, a free to use pic found on the web!

Now on to the next ones... a couple and their little boy who loves the English alphabet but not creepy critters. It was a challenge to find fabric without the critters, but it is now on my cutting table. 

Hope everyone is staying safe and well. 





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