Friday, May 29, 2020

Growing So Fast

"Growing So Fast" is a finish using one of the panels that will be given to "Basically Babies" as soon as some of our restrictions are lifted. I added two borders and quilted it densely so it heavy and will hang flat. The bears were left alone so they are puffy and tactile.

Now I'm doing my own variation of Dachshund dogs - long and lean horizontal with their bodies made up of scraps in five different colors. I make the pattern on EQ 8. It was easy even though I changed the dog's face and feet from the pattern that is available online. EQ does a great job of telling you how much fabric is needed and how to rotary cut the parts that can be cut that way. It gives dimensions for them with the seam allowance included. The head and tail end of the dogs are more suited to foundation paper piecing so I have worked up the pattern for that. Also, the blue, green and purple "bodies" are cut out, the blues are sewn together. This is fun... a total "squirrel" as it was not on my to-do list and I was looking for something else when I saw a photo that gave me the idea.

No pictures yet, but soon, Lord willing!

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