Saturday, May 2, 2020

Off and On the Longarm...

The baby quilt is finished. A lousy picture, but I'm getting lazy in my old age. It's a panel, added a border, and practiced nine different fillers in the background. Backing is soft flannelette.

The one below is a scrappy quilt made from the leftover pieces for a larger scrappy. It is about 36 x 60 and perfect for practicing. I've never tried feathers before. I'm a coward. However, decided to attack and do some large, free-motion feathers around the outside. There are five blocks in a row and I'm doing them in simple lines. 

The feathers are large, uneven, sloppy in places, but they say practice, practice, practice. You can glimpse the last done and believe me, these look better that the first done. I can do leaves with my eyes shut but they are more forgiving!

The bigger quilt with all blocks like these and black sashing, has two rows sewn together. I'm still not sure how to quilt it, but do realize these blocks must be stabilized with ditch quilting if they are going to stay square!

NOTE: The Nativity Pattern shown in the upper right corner of this page is available in hard copy from my Etsy page for a limited time. After they are sold, the digital version will still be available. Click on the picture of this popular quilt to see more and to order it.

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