Monday, June 15, 2020

Growing so Big

Finished this in a few hours. It is much like the last one only it took less time to sew and quilt. I've several more panels for children and do them when the bigger quilts tire me out. It will to to Basically Babies.

Also still working on my 'squirrel' distraction, but other things keep interfering, like cooking, laundry and keeping the house uncluttered. Hubby is good to pitch in but he has been getting calls for work and now has three PCs, four keyboards, and five monitors in his den, plus printer, full-size copier, and you get the picture... he has other things to do besides clean up the messes I make!

Oh, he is also making our itsy yard look lovely and runs errands. We are in phase 2 of getting out of social distancing etc. and so far so good in our neck of the woods. Our provincial government has been superior in guiding us through this. Only a few have broken protocol and unfortunately paying the price.

Our local guild, over 200 folks, has been having monthly meetings on ZOOM. What a hoot! We are quilters and most haven't much familiarity with this way of communicating. Lots of laughs to say the least!

Stay safe!

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