Wednesday, December 19, 2018

More red slab quilts and one finish!

From a small box of red scraps I made this quilt which looks far better than the photo. My hubby claimed it as soon as he saw it. Now am working on this one (below) and will make another one also, all from that box of red scraps. The three of them are lap size or larger (or will be) for big laps!

The blue sashing is not my choice. A friend convinced me to try it. I've never been a fan of red/blue together, but it does have a certain appeal. Besides, it is from the stash and I am not buying more fabric! The left two verticals are sewn, with the third ready to attach and the fourth just hanging there looking messy. I am thinking of a 5" piano key boarder with leftover reds (they multiply in the dark when no one is looking). There is enough of them, plus a bit of blue to accent or put in the corners.

The third quilt has a brown/red print ready to cut up for sashing. 

Making these slab quilts is easy and fun. I'll quilt them with a panto and they will likely go to QoV Canada.

Scott's king size quilt is done, but no photo yet. We are taking it to our church where we can hang it from a beam and get back far enough to take a picture. It will be quite a production needing two ladders, at least two men, lots of clamps and patience on my part!

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