Thursday, December 6, 2018

Heart News

Yesterday was the day. The appointment was in the morning but due to a problem with the person ahead of me, I didn't make it to the table until after 4:00 pm. However, I came out of that room part human and part computer! My pacemaker is hooked up and is now responsible for my pulse. Since it was so low/high/all over the place, the rate is set at 90, to be reduced once a month as my body adjusts. It was a looooooooong day, but the staff at the heart clinic in our city is so accommodating that it was not stressful. Only that I couldn't eat or drink all day! 

The patient next to me came back just before I went out. He kept saying, "I feel so normal." I knew exactly what made him so excited. My heart has not been 'normal' for a long time. I'm thankful for the excellent medical attention, my hubby who stayed with me all day, and to the Lord for getting me in when two times it looked as if I was not going to get this done until January. I had been feeling so crappy (good word) and now am happy to report that I feel so normal! Tired but normal. Wow. Praise the Lord!


Quiltdivajulie said...

THAT is such wonderful news!!!!!

barbara woods said...

thank our good lord