Friday, June 29, 2018

Decision Made & Slow Progress

The last comment reinforced my holes. Just line them up using a half-size block to finish the ends. Here is part of it on my 4 x 8 design wall. The rest is laid out on the craft table and only some of the half-blocks are done. They are 6 x 6 because the larger blocks are actually 6 x 10, not 5 x 10 so the setting will be uneven... which makes it more interesting anyway.

This is what Scott's king-size looks like now. I have to finish quilting the sand, all the foliage on either side of the sand and water, and this stretch of foliage along the bottom. I'm working one hour a day, which is about all I can handle. My meds and heart condition makes naps a must and there is eating and so on... Sigh.


Quiltdivajulie said...

I like this layout much better than the one with those stress-inducing holes.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Me too. Life has enough stress as it is without inviting it!