Thursday, June 21, 2018

Need a recipe for Chili Pot

Oh don't you love it when the doing goes beyond planning and then turn around and bites you? I've made a bunch of these blocks (randomly placed) 

and then decided I like them better in the next layout (also randomly placed).

The problem is I'd like to fill those 2 inch holes with something dark, but have no idea how to sew it together without a whole mess of partial seams. If I started out with making a pattern with wide and narrow rows, it would have worked, but that would remove the ability to do much rearranging.

Sigh. Does anyone have a recipe to make this change? Or maybe the first design looks better anyway? All comments and opinions appreciated.


vivici said...
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Elsie Montgomery said...

Usually there is no spam on this blog. Sorry for letting the last one slip by for a day or two. I am not promoting what the comment was promoting!

Elaine Adair said...

Oh my, with those 2 inch holes. Fons and POrter made a baby quilt one time with little holes, just like yours and I got so confused, I actually turned OFF the TV, so ... I wish you good luck with that plan. If I were you (!!!) i'd turn them all vertically and set them in columns, each column offsetting by half a block. Good luck - I'mm check back to see what you decide. They ARE clean and interesting even without putting in the black holes. 8-))

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks. I decided the same thing - the holes are too stressful and this is supposed to be a break from working on Scott's king-size. Will it ever be finished??!!

Sherry said...

Ok, I see that you have found an alternative but I had a thought. In order to avoid the "holes" you would partially piece the blocks, creating a row, like sashing, that would fill in the holes and complete the blocks.

Does that make sense?

Love the colors.