Wednesday, January 30, 2013


These blocks are up on the wall in a random fashion as there are more to be made (42 total). They are simple quarter square triangles with sashing done in a Courthouse Step style. At this point, I've called it Random, likely a "working" title until the top is finished.

A friend gave me the pattern, designed and produced by another friend who is her daughter, at Prairie Quilts Mercantile. In the original, antique fabrics are used, so it is called Antique'd. However, I had a bunch of pale and medium florals in soft colors and figured they would look great in this simple pattern. Click on the link to see how changing the fabric selection gives it a different look (and note that this photo is really not like the quilt - ignore the yellowy cast which is not there - my flash was turned off and it is a dreary winter day with low light everywhere)

Also notice in the picture that the blocks on the lower right have no sashing. While this is okay, they are not nearly so interesting put together that way as those finished with random sashing strips. Good design work, Sharon!

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Quiltdivajulie said...

lovely and interesting . . . totally understand the 'low light' comment - very gray here, too.