Friday, January 25, 2013

2013 First Finish

Kali's Kimono Quilt is finally done. It only took three years (and I still have to sew on the label). I was so scared of quilting it, that I procrastinated a long time. That longarm is a still intimidating, but now that this one is finished, I feel more confident about finishing other UFOs. My quilting is not perfect, but passes the 10 foot test. LOL!

Here it is on my guest room bed for a photo. It is a queen-size, but big enough to go well down on the sides. I'd like to get a full view of it on a wall, but so far haven't figured out an easy way to do that.

I quilted it with Glide... an amazing thread that does not shed or break. I'm buying lots of colors because they have lots of colors! A 1000 m cone is $5 and after all the quilting on this one, the spool looks barely used. Gorgeous stuff!

By the way, if anyone wants the pattern for the nativity quilt, I have 8 left (out of 24) and will not be producing any after they are gone. See previous post for details. 


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Lisa Marie said...

Oh Mu, your GD quilt is simply gorgeous! What a fabulous job you did on it Elsie! I knew you could do it and so now there is no stopping you ;)