Friday, January 11, 2013

Pattern for Sale

Just to let you know, the pattern for this quilt is finally available. I got copyright permission to create it from an old Christmas card, even though I changed the background (minarets were not used at the time Jesus was born). The copyright holder gave me permission to only sell a few patterns. If anyone wants one, they are offered on my Etsy site where you can pay by PayPal, credit card, etc. The pattern is for the smaller size (about 32" square) with directions and permission to enlarge it for the larger one in three panels. It is about 80" wide and a bit longer. The method is fused raw-edge batiks on the black sandwich, then quilted with invisible thread.

I made 24 of them and have already sold 11. Sales are first-come, first serve. The Etsy sight tells how many remain. I will not print any more patterns after they are all sold.

Progress Report: Kali's quilt is quilted and ready for the binding and putting on the crests. Not perfect, but I'm happy!

UPDATE: April 13, 2016. I've managed to secure worldwide, exclusive copyright to use this design in a quilt pattern... so it is for sale again. Please check my Etsy Page for details!


SueR said...

Hi Elsie, I got my pattern in the mail the other day. It's such a beautiful quilt. Don't know when I'll start on it, but thanks so much.

Lisa Marie said...

Hi Elsie! Love Kali's quilt so far. I told you that you could do it!! It will be such a treasure to her and no matter how much you stress over it, she will love it!
I came home to 3 customer quilts so got one loaded today and it looks like i will be busy for awhile!

Janet said...

It's incredibly beautiful and meaningful!

Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

This is so beautiful... what a treat to look forward to each Christmas.

Lisa G said...

This is the most beautiful nativity quilt I've ever seen!!! Am googling like mad to find one to make and nothing else comes close. If patterns fr this one ever become available again I will jump for joy!!!