Thursday, October 1, 2009

Teaching Others

Our quilt group meets the last Monday of the month. One young woman came with plans and fabric for her second quilt. The first one she tackled was a kaleidoscope (not finished in this photo), and this time she made up her own pattern, figured out the sizes of the pieces to cut, and how much fabric she needed! It is a simple block, but I'm so impressed!

Another gal in the group is working on her first quilt, a variation of "Catnip" from Fons & Porter. She used primary colors and black with fussy cut cars/trucks/etc. in the centers of the blocks and a stripe for most of the sashing. It is delightful. I'm showing her how to make the sandwich today. She is learning English, so I need to take pictures!

(photo from Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting)


Mary-Kay said...

Wow! you must be some teacher because both those quilts look complex to me. Good job!

Elsie Montgomery said...
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Elsie Montgomery said...

Actually, the fabrics make them look that way. The Catnip one is just a nine patch with the middle larger that the outsides (looks like sashing but it is a simple block). We used 6” squares, with 2” corners and sides. The striped fabric gives it that sparkle and makes it look complicated!

The other one is Ricky Tims Kaleidoscope. You make a wedge shape out of freezer paper, cut it into 5-6 pieces, and use them for patterns on a strata (The strata is in sets of two that are identical – sew strips of fabric together into about a 10” piece then place the two sets back to back). That way you get a mirror image of each piece, and cut six pairs of them. You start sewing them together from the middle and have no idea what it is going to look like until it is finished. If you ever get a chance to take a class using his method, do it. It is so much fun. I’ve made three of them and want to do more!

Thanks for dropping by! (I sent Mary-Kay an email, but thought others might want to know...)

Joyce said...

I have been tempted to make that cat quilt ever since I bought that magazine.

jovaliquilts said...

So ambitious -- a kaleidoscope for a first quilt!