Thursday, October 29, 2009

Judy Villett - Quilt Artist & Instructor

Yesterday's Grad Club at Earthly Goods brought back the person who had the idea for a quilter's degree program in the first place. She is Judy Villett who now lives in Vancouver. She brought two quilts, but I didn't bring my camera. Her slide show did feature this one. It is done in 2" squares, watercolor fashion, with some fabric painting added for effect. 

Judy encouraged me during one of my first "degree" classes on color. I brought "Just a Tad Over Par" (above par in golfing is not as good as below par so this title is a word play). When I showed it to her, she actually gasped and told me I should put it in a show. That remark is one of the big reasons that I'm still quilting. 

One note, any references on the www for Judy's website will take you to one that you do not want to see, so just have a look at the link on her name above.

I am still quilting that hearts/log cabin quilt and working on a little one for a paint chip challenge. Pictures soon. Right now I hardly have time to quilt, never mind take pictures and blog. Sorry about that. 


jovaliquilts said...

Oh my -- I thought that was a photograph, not a quilt! Must be incredible to see in person. I enlarged the photo of your tad over par quilt (after following the link) and I really like the quilting on it.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Yes, it does look like a photo, but once you know, you can see the squares in it. She is a master… she has one of a magpie that takes your breath away.

Thanks. I did that on my domestic and really set my style. It was one of my first quilts. We have a king bed now, so it doesn’t fit. Guess I better make a new one!

Peggy said...

Wow - both quilts are more than impressive. I particularly like the Tad Over Par, what a great theme quilt, and so beautifully laid out. Is there a pattern for that?

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Peg,
There was a smaller version in an old issue of McCalls, like 1995? It was 4" blocks, I made 6" and added more borders to make it big enough for a queen-size. The hard part was finding the fabric with golfers on it. I think I got the last bit of yardage left in our city.