Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Iron, Hearts & Log Cabins, and Humility

Recently our city hosted its annual Creative Stitches Alive with mostly quilting or scrapbooking vendors. Normally, I am a hard sell and don't buy things that are pushed on me. However, as soon as I spotted the sales person using this iron, I wanted it. She gave her pitch, but I would have bought it no matter what she said. It is a Eurosteam Evolution. 

The purchase has been remarkable. The directions need to be followed (LOL) of course, but it does an amazing job. I press one side of the pillowcase and all the wrinkles are out, or one side of a sleeve. The best part is that you can take a fat quarter that has been folded up forever, and press all the creases out with one or two passes. 

It sits flat, will not burn anything, even silk. It goes over buttons, and will press beaded quilts without hurting the beads. It works on a steam boiler principle, so the steam is pressurized inside and released when the button is pressed. I love it. $150, and apparently sold only at shows and through the shopping channel. A mini steam travel iron came with it. So not me to buy this, but it was not because of the pitch!

On a quilt note, I'm doing Hearts and Log Cabins (see two posts ago) on the HQ 16, again a humbling experience. However, the quilting is black on black fabric, and if you stand 6-10 feet away, it looks okay. Thanks to Wanda and Elaine, I'm not sweating over it! This is practice, and the quilt will go to a very far-sighted person!


Peggy said...

Somehow I missed your Hearts and Log Cabins a couple of posts ago - what a lovely quilt. How about 'Home Sweet Hearts' - whatever you decide to call it, it's a gorgeous pattern, and I'm sure the quilting experience will be a learning one (aren't they always).
Nice iron, too.

jovaliquilts said...

Sounds like an incredible iron. Is the point really sharp? I keep seeing very rounded points, and it makes such a difference if the point is sharp.

Elsie Montgomery said...

The point is like the picture, not an angle, slightly rounded. I've had lots of irons, including two Rowentas, but none of them do the job that this one does. It is fairly heavy, but since there is no need to keep standing it up, it is easy on the wrists. The steam does not leave everything damp, which is the most amazing part. I really like it.