Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snow, Stripes, and Skinny

The days fly by when you are having fun! Photos below are my "fun," at least one of them. The snowy picture is Friday morning. We expected a spring day and had 6" snow in three hours, starting with gigantic flakes about 3" apart so it was hard to see across the street. By the time I found my camera, it lightened up a bit. This is out the front window. Since then, winds have made huge mounds everywhere, and travel is exciting, to say the least.

The second one is from all the leftovers from the quilt I made for my brother and his wife, "A Garden Path." Someone suggested that I call this one "By His Stripes" from an Old Testament verse about Christ. Since it is only about 32" square, I decided to quilt a Rose of Sharon motif on it. Well, I've learned that formal quilting and I do not get along very well. It came out like my usual quilting, which I affectionately call scribble quilting. I like it, sort of sketchy. Anyway, the design covers the quilt.

Then I got the brain wave to try a Shiva paint stick on it. The photo looks better than the real thing (I think) and I did the middle only, since I don't know what I am doing. I wanted to highlight the entire Rose of Sharon, but am not sure that I like it. Since this will be an Easter table center... and I can always put a big pot of something on top of that center. Opinions and advice are welcome.

The third picture is my skinny mountains landscape. It shows the little sketch, the bigger one (in which the left tree needs to be re-proportioned) and some fabric choices. This was a week or so ago. I've since put those fabrics in place and have the water sewn down.

The design on the bottom part is pickier, but I'm having fun with this, making up my construction techniques as I go. So far, no fusibles. I don't like "lick and stick" so will see if I can assemble it without any. Not likely. Those marsh areas in the water are two picky - unless I applique them. Anyway, a photo will follow, but right now, I've too much else happening. I hope to be back in a day or two... but I am not totally off the radar. I am reading blogs every day!!


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

After our 2+" of rain yesterday and today, I was thinking I was glad it wasn't 2 feet of snow. I hope you get some warm days to melt it.

You sound like me about your quilting. Will we never accept our own "style"?

Elaine Adair said...

Wow! Looks great to me uhhh, the quilt, not the snow!

Anonymous said...

Your quilt looks great. But I don't like snow!!!!! Glad all we had was rain and tomorrow it's supposed to rain all day. Yuck!

Leah said...

youre so funny about putting a pot on it. no, i think the gold design looks good. maybe you could outline it in a dark dark purplish/fuscia color that goes with the quilt, and then create some kind of viney lines extending to all four corners, then repeat the gold motif in the corners but on a smaller scale? anyway, it looks great as it is.

SueR said...

I think your quilting looks pretty good, and I'll bet the shiva was fun to play with. Maybe we should give ourselves permission to play like this more often. And I've had enough winter, thank you!