Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another top done

This one is ready to put on the EQ-16. The sashing is one of the fabrics in the blocks, but the binding is not. This method (see previous post) uses up all the fat quarters, but one fabric was a bigger piece that looked good in the mix, so I had enough for the sashing. Unfortunately, it was about 4" short of having enough for binding, and rather than fiddle with piecing the binding, I found a darker piece that looks okay. It blends better in real life than in the upper left of this photo.

We had a lovely spring day yesterday, and today it is snowing. What is that? I put away my winter coat, so must have caused the whole thing! Since my DH is in Arizona golfing (how rude - smile), I have to clear the driveway myself. Sigh. Of course I'd rather be quilting — or loafing in the sun in Phoenix.


Joyce said...

Your quilt is looking great. We are having the same weather situation. I want spring and green grass already.

Jeanne said...

I'm terrible when it comes to quilting ideas, but I do think your top is wonderful. Hope you get some inspiration for the quilting.