Saturday, March 28, 2009

Skinnies in progress

The mountain quilt is coming along. I moved the tree I'd planned for the left side to the right, and may put another smaller one on the left into that lighter patch where it will show better.

This other one is basically the quilt in that book "Skinny Quilts an
d Table Runners" but my version needs more sand... so I am putting a lighter sand dune at the bottom and some fence, sort of like the picture pinned at the bottom of this picture, only a bit larger. This one will also have some glimpses of gold lame on the edges of some of the 'waves' along with beads, etc. and lace for the foam at the waterline on the shore.

This one is quick (but I'm not - notice it still has
pins holding it together instead of thread) and anyone could make it. Five of us did this much on Monday evening, and a few actually sewed down the strips in the water. I talked too much, but it will be finished soon.

Sorry, the photos are small. I pulled them a bit bigger, but that made them blurry too. When they are finished, I'll post bigger, clearer pictures. Right now, I'm Scottish with the alloted space - grin!

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Rose Marie said...

Wow ..... these truly are incredible!