Monday, March 23, 2009

Skinny mountains in progress

Snow most of yesterday kept me inside and at my sewing machine, so these skinny mountains got a few more layers.

The freezer paper pattern is pinned to the bottom so you cannot see the rest of the water. The bottom needs only a
few more background pieces, then I'll put on some trees and do thread-play to bring out the rocks, etc. in the landscape.

The sun is shining so maybe I will not have to shovel the driveway (it faces south). My DH is golfing in AZ but when I shoveled yesterday so I could get out to go to church, my neighbor came over and helped me. Cool!


Joyce said...

Are you doing this from a kit or pattern? Or is it your own drawing? It's turning out really nice.

Carmen Rose said...

Oooo Lovely!

Rose Marie said...

Wow .... this is going to be gorgeous. Have you done much thread painting?

LC said...

Thanks for your comments. This is my own drawing, taken from a picture that I've saved for years, just because I liked it. The picture is about 1.5" wide, not even colored.

No, I've not done much thread painting (and didn't like the class that I took), but am hoping to "draw" the lines of the trees and rocks and give this some dimension. Hope it works.

hetty said...

Wow! It's really coming along nicely! Can't wait to see it finished.