Saturday, March 14, 2009

FQ and landscape quilts

This week has been hectic, but I'm making progress on two quilts. The first one is an idea from the book, "Fast Quilts from Fat Quarters" by Barbara Chainey. I've adapted the blocks from the book, but this one is fun and easy to match points, etc. The finished quilt will have sashing, but the one in the book uses black... ugh. All I see is sashing in that one. So I may put a medium tone fabric such as what is between the two finished blocks on the top, just so these blocks get all the attention. Each finishes to 12" and I used 10 different fabrics.

This skinny quilt is an idea prompted by a book called "Skinny Quilts and Table Runners" (various contributors), but my own design from a sketch that I've been holding on to for years! I'm also making up the method as I go.

The blue pieces on the bottom are water. This will have reedy 'islands' and more trees, etc. to fill in the space nearest the POV. It will be quilted to make the rocks look rockier, and so on.

This one will finish to 12" x 48" and is an experiment for a larger one that will be more complicated.


SueR said...

Your BOM blocks look so nice, very nice color combination. This is a different landscape from the other one, isn't it? I like landscape quilts too but never had the courage to actually try one. It'll be fun to see yours come together.

LC said...

Actually, this is not a BOM, just from a book. You cut 10 FQ all the same way and wind up with the components to mix/match and make your own blocks. They can be 4-patch or 9-patch or whatever. So much fun!

The landscape is the same one I posted March 8. I've started two other ones as well, but they are not finished yet either. This one is the least complicated of the three, and has a different construction method that I really like, so I will probably finish it first.

Yikes, more UFOs!!

Mary-Kay said...

I like the blocks, the colour combination is great. And your skinny quilt is really nice. I can't wait to see it completed.

hetty said...

Your fat quarter blocks look great! Not using black for the sashing sounds like a good idea. Your colours are way too nice. But it is the skinny landscape quilt that intriques me! Please continue to post as you work on it. I would love to see the progression. I have done a few landscape quilts, but never one as long and skinny as yours. I think it will be amazing!