Thursday, January 31, 2019

January Projects. . .

Whew, January flew by. I've started a king-size for our daughter. This time it is a simple design, not like our son's beach scene. She wanted subway tiles in graduated shades of taupe. She wasn't sure about the quilting so I made two cushion covers, one with plain lines and the other with the panto called Dazzle. I'll post photos next time. Right now, I'm cutting out bricks (430 or so) that are 9.5" x 3.5" and have already dulled one rotary cutter blade, never mind what this is doing to my muscles (or lack thereof)! 

It isn't the most fascinating design, but she also asked for another Celtic applique to go with this one... A relaxing easy stitch.

I also started a twin-size for a friend. It will be like this only bigger and in peach, yellow, green instead of pink. The fabrics are similar but different colors. This pink one is a table runner that I whipped up for a charity auction. To my surprise, it was fought over.

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