Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Top done, two more planned

Since last post, this top is ready to sandwich. My quilt wall and camera fight over blue for some reason, so the top picture gives a better idea of colors. This one is a lap size for a lovely friend who is small. 

The sunlight is bright today, so the blocks on the top right show the color the best.

I made a bunch of 12.5" slabs from my bin of red scraps a few months ago. Twelve of them became my hubby's quilt, which he claimed as soon as he saw the blocks with the background. (Btw, this photo does not do it justice.)

The other slabs sat. I didn't want to buy more fabric so tried a few larger pieces for the sashing without being too happy with them. Yesterday, a friend was here and made suggestions I would not have thought to try. One is using brown for most of the slabs that have a touch of it, and the other is using a bright blue because many of the slabs have a dash of blue. I have twelve with blue in them and sixteen with brown - and one leftover. It amazes me that all this came from a plastic bin that is about 9" x 12" x 14" full of red bits and pieces, and it was not packed full. 

Now the red bin is almost full again and there are eleven more in other colors. Sigh - will I live long enough!!

Incision is healing. Still cannot lay on my left side or do anything that requires lots of energy, but that should change after the next procedure!

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Elsie, It's been such a long time since I've visited. I was cleaning out my blog list because so many bloggers aren't there anymore. But I'm happy to see you are still here and doing your lovely quilting.

Wishing you a pleasant evening,