Monday, October 22, 2018

Healing and a tiny bit of progress

I'm amazed how much pectoral muscles are used in a zillion ways — realized only when it hurts to use them. However, I've healed enough to sew a bit, stir the stew, work my hair dryer (good thing my hair is short), and put on a pullover. Driving is allowed, but it isn't that much fun, so I've become a hermit. People do call and drop by though, so I'm not twitching or doing anything too weird. Hubby is amazing and even though he is working most days, he is getting better at noticing when I need a hand, like pulling the quilt up to my chin after crawling into bed (need a stool). A friend tells me she had exactly the same problem and procedure eleven years ago and has had more energy in eleven years than she imagined. That sounds promising!

Here are a dozen blocks now ready for sashing. They will finish at 12" and the sashing at 2" — which will be blue. Note that half of these were in the light, half in the shade. The blue square near the middle looks like two different fabrics, but are the same. The sashing is about like that blue. The quilt will be about 44" x 58" which is a nice size for a small woman friend of mine who gets chilly watching TV at night. She loves blue and her living room is cream with touches of blue and yellow. She doesn't know this is coming, so I'm excited to get it finished for her.

We are having Indian Summer with lots of sunny days, cool nights, and happy people. For a few weeks, it seemed we would not have fall at all. Looking forward to more pumpkin stuff and lots of naps. (I slept all day Saturday. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Being patient is hard work -- so is healing. Good luck with both!