Monday, April 30, 2018

Ready for quilting

It is nice to have a few quilts ready to quilt, and the tarp off my machine which was there to protect it from flying plaster/dust. Now to get at it...

Scott's king-size is draped over my craft table, ironed, all the hiccups fixed, etc. Hi Edith... It looks much better than it did when you were here. I washed the backing and it came out smoother and no wrinkles at all. The batting was one long piece equivalent for two kings, so hubby and I rolled it on the bar under my machine. It needs a trim but it is ready too. This has been a huge challenge, and if anyone has made a king, you know 'huge' is the correct word. That backing is 120" wide. The batting is like wrestling an alligator. The quilt top is too large for my design wall and for the table it is folded on, but it looks great on a bed. Glad to get this far!

Others: The purple slab hangs with batting and backing, ready to put on the machine. I have a wonky log cabin in the same state of readiness and a large crib quilt also. Right now, there is a large table runner pinned on the machine. I just need to have my lunch, put supper in the crock pot, add the correct thread and do it! Yeah. 

Also have neatly folded four shelves of fabric. Only about 20 left, but this is progress. Neat makes me feel ambitious.

Onward and upward... thank You God! 


Elaine Adair said...

My goodness ... you have been busy ... are you saying Dh will be sitting in YOUR space watching TV? Wow - somehow that seems so unusual, but sensible as well. Only a bit of a sneak peak of the giant quilt - I'll be there are a LOT of quilters who are waiting to see the final unveiling. The little bit I see here is stunning!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thank you. Yes, nice to have DH down here now and then. He likes to watch TV but also likes to watch me work :-)

I've been trying to figure out how to quilt every part of that king-size before actually starting it. The sky has been the most challenging, but it is coming. In the meantime, a baby quilt is nearly finished. Picture later!!