Thursday, April 5, 2018

Progress report

Well, this one is done and ready to put in the mail... along with a couple of donations from a friend. The quilt is 39.5" x 36.5" so more of a lay/play than wrapping up the baby, however, the recipient is not yet a month old (tiny) and lives in a mild climate.

As for the stuffy (or is it spelled stuffie?), Stacey made him. He is about 8" high and totally washable. CUTE!  She texted me today to say she has something else to go with it... no clues though.

In this picture, he is sitting in front of Scott's king-size beach scene... which is nearly ready to sandwich on the longarm. I only know how I will quilt the leaves... so it might take awhile — and lots of prayer which has got me this far. I told Scott that as soon as it is done, I'm going to kill him. He just laughed, a suitable response. So far, nearly 200 hours. 

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Quiltdivajulie said...

Darling elephant - and how great that your son just laughed when you told him how you felt. Mine would do the same thing!