Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Progress on Scott's beach scene

I've got this much sewn together (after lots of improvising). The bit of lower sky is just pinned, and the way I will quilt it will give it some distinction from those far-away islands. I also have the rest of the sky ready to piece and put on the upper half. 

Next, a jungle of leaves go around the bottom and lower sides, with palm trees up to the top. This one is a king-size and taking lots of hours. Also the driftwood is just pinned on because I'm not sure where it will go, and I might resize it.

Here is my sketch for the leaves and trees, but as you can see, it is only a guide. I'm hoping the leaves will be a lot easier to make that that water and sand!


Elaine Adair said...

Wowwwwww! It's absolutely beautiful - artistic, lovely, I wish I was there. Elaine Adair

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks so much, Elaine. This one has been a time-consuming and frustrating challenge, but feels better now that the background is sewn together and I've 1/2 of a leaf ready to put on. They will be applique, not raw edge. I'm using those applique tools sold on "The Quilt Show" and just love them.

julieQ said...

You are an amazing quilter!! So glad I found your blog!!