Friday, June 3, 2016

Quilting Day for June

A few quilters from our church are taking one day a month to quilt together. Right now, there are six of us, but yesterday, only two. (Life happens.)

I started improvising mug rugs with Ricky Tims' "Cave Man" style in mind and wound up with a table runner. My dining room is mostly black, white, with blue ocean scene on the wall and a privacy screen with blue fabric, white leaves that look like flying seagulls, plus a large 'sculpture' of sea gulls landing on pier posts. When the quilt is done and on the table, I should take a picture?

Anyway, this was fun, easy and now needs sandwiching and quilting. I'll do a pillowcase flip and quilt it with wavy horizontal lines in black, from edge to edge.

The other quilter who joined me for the day is a newbie. She brought her first quilt, a ragged edge one in flannelette for her granddaughter. Wow, it is nice. She also made a couple mug rugs while she was here, and helped me decide the arrangement for my runner. 

It was a lovely day!

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