Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Pattern for "Cascading Blossoms"

Only . . . (SOLD)
I'm making progress on the pattern for "Only in My Dreams" which is now changed to "Cascading Blossoms." It is about 6" x 24" but easily enlarged for table runner size. The first quilt is sold. The second one is my sampler. I wrote out the pattern, then made the second one to see if everything worked the way it should. Besides enjoying the process, the pattern has been refined because of it. 

Cascading . . .
This sample is not finished. The fusing is not done and the stamens are not on, nor is there any quilting. Thread choices will also enhance it, I hope!

When the pattern is ready to go (as in printed, packaged) I will note that here in this blog and make it available through my Etsy page. Etsy takes PayPal which can also process most credit cards. Note that prices on my page are in US dollars.

I'm fascinated at the difference made by fabric choices. Now I'd like to try one with a medium blue background, dark blue-green leaves, and pale blue/white flowers... and enlarge it to 12" x 48" for the top of a cabinet.

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