Friday, February 26, 2016

Frustration Friday

Yesterday I had time to do the quilting on my sampler for Cascading Blossoms. It started out okay, but after awhile, the stitching became unpredictable. I switched to a different machine and had similar problems. Was it the new brand of fusible that I used? The needle wasn't sticky, but I changed it, even tried a couple other types of needles.

So I'm not happy with the stitches, but from 2-3 feet, most people wouldn't even see them. The main use for this little one is to put with the pattern. It is written, needs another quilter to check it for dumbness, and then I can put it up for sale. 

With my hubby being so sick since the first part of January, I think I've forgotten everything I ever knew about quilting. This is why the picture is NOT cascading but lying on its side... Sigh!

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