Saturday, June 6, 2015

Finished - just about

The "Boys will be Boys" quilt has a label so it officially finished and soon on its way to a dear friend who has three of them, and one daughter. 

The "Modern Towers" quilt has a few threads to hide, and the label to sew in place. I suppose it needs a sleeve, but I'm not sure. My daughter has been curling up on the sofa with it, so it is 'used' already!

Here are the labels... I changed the name on the boys quilt, just because!

I printed these on my ink jet using June Taylor Colorfast Fabric for Ink Jets. It is a bit still, but the package must get used up. This stuff is too expensive, so when I run out of the packages I bought, I'll go back to making my own with Bubble Set and white to-dye fabric with freezer paper ironed to it.

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