Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A pleasant surprise!

The Edmonton & District Quilt Guild held their biannual show last weekend. Nearly 300 quilts were on display, in about 7 categories. They allow only one prize per person, consisting of a beautiful ribbon and money. 

I entered four quilts: Kali's Cherry Tree, Horseplay, Layers, and Lord of the Rings. Here is the result:

Someone brought the judge over and introduced us. She told me that she remembered all four of my quilts and apart from the rule of only one prize person, she would have given me four ribbons. I thought she was just being nice until someone told me she would not say that without meaning it. Talk about a confidence booster!

Also, last week I finished "Modern Towers" and really like the results. It is quilted in vertical parallel rows using the channel locks on my Avante. They look like mini bicycle clips we used to use to keep our pant legs from getting caught in the chain! Slick tool. I don't know what to do with this one yet, maybe I'll put it on Etsy. Sea Foam went to Quilts of Valour on the weekend, but this one is too small. Those soldiers require bigger quilts to wrap themselves in.