Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Sewing on a facing - the easy way

I have been busy... but also working on quilts. One is just started (a Hobbit quilt) and one is nearly finished. I put a facing on that one and because it is 36" x 72" came up with this idea to make the hand quilting much easier.

First, I have this comfy chair in my sewing area. It folds out to almost a bed (which is a whole other temptation). I put a lamp on the table to the right, and a pole lamp on the left.

Then there is this small folding table that is low and light, but sturdy. I use it to select fabric, spread out patterns, etc. This went in front of the chair. That plastic drawer thingy peeking out at the right is my "hand sewing" box of tools. It has several spools of thread in it, but I had to go find some white to sew this facing on the back of the quilt.

The last photo is the quilt plopped on the table. Normally, I like 'neat' 'folded' etc. but that puts creases in a quilt and I didn't want any of those in this big wall hanging. So it was loosely arranged with the side to be worked on along the edge of the table facing the chair. I have a TV, but if the television programs stink (normally they do), there is my Bose CD/radio to the left. I found some calm music and had this facing stitched securely in no time. 

Now all that is left are the sleeves (I'm putting one at the bottom to hold a strip of something to weigh it down) and the label! A finish-photo is next...

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