Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slow Progress is better than no progress!

This quilt is still "in process" but the time I can spend on it is very enjoyable. I love this kind of freedom and do much better with it than more formal motifs. The full view is posted earlier, so check that out here.

I've finished down to the rocky embankment in the scene, minus the lighthouse which still needs to be done, and the trees that can be seen on the right in the first photo.

Also needed is some stitching on the grass patch and a bit more overhanging on the edge of the embankment. I'm motivated because of another project that has a deadline, but this one needs to be finished first.

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Peggy said...

That is one absolutely fantastic quilt! How DID you get that real-looking person in the foreground!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Peg,
Thanks... this is a fun one. The person is a photo, printed on fabric with my inkjet printer. Since it is only about 4" high, I didn't want to try any other method. I 'glued' it down but also used invisible thread to stitch around it. I'll likely add a bit more, but carefully. The quilt is also full of critters, including a dog, rabbits, birds, etc. that are "hiding" in the grass, bushes, etc. I like this woman pic too, because it reminds me of my DIL who will be getting this quilt.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh, also, she isn't in the foreground but more in the middle, lonely, alone with her 'world' which fits too, but in a good way.

Unknown said...

SO ,SO Beautiful . Wish i could see the whole quilt . I'm going to make a quilt of my brother fishing . When washing the quilt how long will the picture last ?

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Margaret,
Since this is a wall hanging, it may never be washed (unless something gets splashed on it, or smokes near it). I recommend the vacuum cleaner to dust gently. If it does have to be washed, the small pictures that are on it should be okay in cold water and no dryer! Since this is for my daughter-in-law, she will be sure to ask before doing anything.