Friday, February 7, 2014

Panel quilts?

Does every quilter have a guilty feeling about making a quilt using a printed design? I don't. Every now and then, life either becomes so complicated that I just want to make something very easy, or a baby shows up and a quilt needs to be made right now.

This one falls into the first category. I won't go into my tales of woe, but live is difficult right now, and this cheerful little panel gave me pleasure with its bright colors
and innocent motifs.

It will go to an organization in our city called the Zebra Child Protection Centre.
This marvelous groups works with our city police to take care of, support, and make safe children who are victims of abuse, neglect and crime. They have a place where the children can feel at home, and a selection of things for each one to "take your pick." This includes basics like toothpaste and towels, but it also includes games, toys, and quilts. I am a big fan of the Zebra Centre, and because this cheerful panel has a zebra on it, this seems a logical home.

Now, confess... do you make quilts from printed panels? and just don't tell anyone? Or am I now about to be scorned as not a "real" quilter?

NOTE: The original title for this post seems to be a magnet for spam (lots of it) so I changed it, kept getting spam, so I deleted it. I also removed the link to the Zebra Centre in case that was the attraction. This is a copy of the original which was posted December 4, 2007.


Peggy said...

That is so cute! I think there's nothing wrong with panels - they are there for a reason, and your reasons for using them are more than valid. A little while ago I found a panel of turtles and frogs, and just had to pick it up in memory of our twin grand-daughters who only survived a short time after birth. I called them Turtle and Tadpole while we were awaiting their birth, so this will be just for me, when I get it done. And it'll be around for when the other grandchildren come for a visit - but first, I need to get on with the sewing for the upcoming ones.

Peggy said...

Back again - because I found this tip on FB this morning: Quilting Tip: Panels are perfect for baby quilts - fewer seams so they withstand extra use and lots of washing!