Friday, December 13, 2013

Another finish

This one was an experiment. Have you ever bought a quilting magazine because the patterns looked good, but later you looked at it and said, "What was I thinking?" -- Someone who knows not much about quilting gave me a quilting calendar last year. The first picture on January 1 was this one. I liked the quilt, but ugh, those colors...

So I grabbed some pieces out of my stash and made it in much different colors (sorry, the photos are fuzzy and the colors are a bit off). I'm still not crazy about it, but this shows the difference fabric can make. It also shows how long it can take me to make even a small project... sigh!

Below is the full version. It is about 44" square and the colors are a huge improvement, closer to the small view on the right. I still haven't given it a name (or a label).


1 comment:

Peggy said...

I agree - much better colors! Look like Christmas trees to me, but then it's Christmas time and maybe I have a bit of tunnel vision right now. Beautiful!