Sunday, July 18, 2010

"With Gratitude" finished

This quilt was started in a class called "Shaded Four Patch" on April 13, with Margie Davidson. I finished it today. The quilt, label, page in my book, photo, all done. The colors show a bit richer in real life.

After that class, I took another about selecting quilting designs. The instructor, Margo Fiddes, challenged me to think of something distinctive for quilting each piece. I didn't have this one in class, but began to imagine a subtle cross representing sacrifice, a heart to represent valor, and lines that speak of tension and yet peace. Of course the program "Quilts of Valor" was on my mind too. The cross is at an angle with the top in the upper left. Sorry, this does not show better, even when you double-click the photo. 

I've contacted Quilts of Valor so this one will go to a wounded soldier. A local woman spearheaded this program in Canada. This year, she received "Woman of Distinction" Award from our city or her efforts. See more about QoV at this link.

Also, I made a recent decision is to work on one UFO at a time until it is done. More and more I'm noticing how much easier it is to focus when my sewing space is relatively tidy without too much stuff in it! So this means slowly, slowly.  It is a stretch for me. I'm so easily distracted or bored.

Notice also that my posts are nearing 200. I'm planning some kind of contest or giveaway. Do drop back!


Peggy said...

What a gorgeous quilt!! That soldier will be very blessed and comforted to have that! I know what you mean when you say things go smoother when all is neat and tidy - it's so much easier to see what needs to be done!

kstrawson said...

This is such a generous offering. I am so thrilled to be a part of a guild with members like yourself who are so caring. The quilt in real life is astounding. Very well don.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks Kathy. I'd like to do more... we need 40 hour days! (or a maid)