Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Thwarted for a day or two

My sewing plans for this month away from home have been altered (pun intended). The person who offered his condo will be in it until tomorrow, instead of leaving yesterday as originally planned. Car problems. So my sewing machine is there, but we are still in a lovely hotel. DH is golfing and I am writing and emailing and walking and thinking a great deal about finishing UFOs and starting new projects. 

I brought one UFO with me. It will likely be called Crazy Jane because I've so assessed myself for wanting to do this. When I made my Dear Jane quilt, I didn't do the traditional pattern. Instead, I added plain blocks and left off the triangles. When I was told I could not be a Dear Jane goddess unless I did all the blocks, I went to work on a plan to use them in a second quilt. My design is the top picture, and the progress is shown in the next one. Note that I laid the wide border strip of triangles close to the center in the photo, but it will need a plain border between the two, as shown in the drawing because it does not fit exactly (at least to my recall). 

This project is all that I brought with me and do not expect to finish it, but at least make a few more of those complicated triangle blocks. Who knows, it might be more fun than I anticipate. One thing that I am enjoying is 70+ weather, no wind and the Barnes and Noble book store across the street! Oh, and my hubby first spied a wonderful quilt shop in Carefree and was signaling to turn before I even spotted it. He even came in and had a good look around before opening his book in front of the in-store fireplace (more heat so not needed but nice anyway).


Anonymous said...

It's gorgeous.

sewkalico said...

It looks really challenging and will be wonerful!

Leah said...

cool blocks. and i love your 'tall mountains' quilt to the right. well done.

'etsy' is a site much like e-bay, but it is for artists who want to sell their stuff. there is a lot of cool stuff on there. you could open an etsy shop too and put some of your quilts on there!

happy new year!!

floribunda said...

What a great design and a wonderful way to use the Jane blocks in a different way!

TB said...

This will be beautiful. I like it already. Your DH must really like to golf! :)