Monday, January 11, 2010

Crazy Jane progress

I've finished five, nearly six, of these Dear Jane triangles, part of the border of the original pattern, but I'm making another quilt from them. They are 5" wide at the bottom and 8" to the point (finished size). You can easily figure out why I am calling this one "Crazy Jane" or something like that! In case you are not familiar, DJ has no directions. Quilters share online various ideas about how to make them, but what works for one person, might not for another. All I have are printouts from my DJ program, and I went and did them 4.5" instead of 5" so have to redraft all the patterns by hand. I didn't put the DJ program on my laptop and don't have a printer here anyway. I have 30 more to make, some hopefully will be easier than these five.

Arizona is okay, but typical for me, by day 10 of any holiday, I'm starting to think about home. The weather helps keep me here. It seems Scottsdale / Phoenix has had the nicest weather in the USA all week. DH is golfing and we have done some sights. Food is good and Scottsdale is so clean -- no trash anywhere.


sewkalico said...

Crazy, but very cool!
I've just read the Andre Agassi autobiography and he loved playing in Scottdale :-)

Cindi said...

Elsie I'm loving the Crazy Jane! Of course, I love 2-color quilts. You've done a marvelous job and I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

I lived in Phoenix many years ago. Sigh. One of my favorite places.