Saturday, November 21, 2009

Leaves, Logs, and Rainbows

This one is finished. I made the label last night and will sew it on today. It is from the leftover blocks used in "Home Sweet Hearts" and shows how different a block will look with a different background. I also did the sashing in the same fabric as the background, which makes the blocks look like they are floating. The two on the sides extend over the outside edge, so the binding goes in a little 'hiccup' around them.

When I quilted "Home Sweet Hearts" I tried doing the traditional cross-hatch and not only felt it was messy, but didn't enjoy the process. (I guess it is hard to like making mistakes.) So this one got the kind of quilting that I love - make it up as I go. There are some inconsistencies in leaf/flower sizes, and I'm still not crazy about what I did in the logs, but this was fun and I like it. Double-click for a better look.

Right now, this new one is hanging across shutters folded back so the window is letting light through it and giving a stained glass effect. I can enjoy it from my computer chair and when I walk into the studio. It is 35.5" x 48.5" and has a hanging sleeve.

My main level is still a mess, but most of the new floor is done. Pictures later, after the dust is cleared!


TB said...

The first image of your quilt has a quality as if painted around the blocks of color. I like the texture that comes through.

Joyce said...

I like the way the blocks seem to float and it really looks like stained glass against the light.

Peggy said...

Beautifully done - I like the way the side blocks extend out. Lovely effects (stained glass and floating).

Elsie Montgomery said...

Funny how the most notable part in the live version is the quilting, but the photos show the floating, stained glass effect.

sewkalico said...

Wow, you've been so busy and I've been so behind on blogs so missed commenting on some great work of yours! Hope you've not had anymore snow!