Friday, June 12, 2009

Leftovers from Kelly's Stars

At last the weather is warmer here (still cool at nights, but we need rain badly. The farmers are worried about hay crops and some trees are barely budded out.

This quilt is about 38" square and a product of the leftover pieces from Kelly's Stars. I had to add one fat quarter, and fiddled around until this came out on the design wall. The colors are off. The lights are creamier and the darks are deeper.

I determined to use up as much as possible from those little pile of squares, so pieced the back too. Actually, I had to because the fabric I used for the 4" plain blocks in the top was not enough by itself to do the back. I'm trying to decide between the rust and the green for the binding (another added fat quarter) and laughing because no matter how many leftovers get used up in making anything, there are still more leftovers!

I'm not sure what to call this. I started with Super Nova, then Super Nova Leftovers, but I'm sure I will change it again. I'll also post a better picture when it is done. I'm not sure how I want to quilt it. I'm thinking 'heavily' with various designs in the different sections. I liked Kelly's quilt and hated to give it away, so maybe this one is mine. However, this much piecing takes forever, so I'm about ready for something really simple!


Margo in Maine said...

Very nice..

Joyce said...

Isn't it nice when you can make a whole new quilt from the leftovers? I love the pieced back. Now, can you make something from the leftovers of the leftovers????