Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jen's Kaleidoscope now a duvet cover

A few months ago I posted some kaleidoscope quilts from a class I taught. One of the quilters had never sewn before, never mind tried a quilt. She picked her fabrics and made her colorful kaleidoscope. Her intention was to make it into a duvet cover for a gift duvet that was "an awful orange" color.

Like most of us, she got the quilt top finished and felt she was "done" so asked me to assemble the duvet. I'd not made one before but agreed and did the whole thing yesterday. I lined the quilt top so there are no raw seams on the inside of the duvet. I also put some thinsulate behind the kaleidoscope and quilted some of the seams in the ditch so that section has dimension. I put two 20" zippers in a flapped seam near one end of the backing, each 'zipping' toward the outside edge to make an opening the full width of the cover. I joined the back to the front with French seams. All in all, it looks pretty good, mostly because Jen picked fabrics that are rather amazing.

Her little girl will spend hours exploring the designs on this one. It does look bright - because it is. I wouldn't have chosen this combination, yet had a lot of fun finishing it up for her and am delighted to see a beginner do such a great job.

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Dionne said...

What a fabulous finish. Your 'New Quilter' must be proud of her work!