Wednesday, August 20, 2008

An Oldie and a Question

I've got two nearly finished, so will post them another day, but here is one of my first quilts, a sampler for a class. The neat part of this one is that I had both pink and blue Scottie dog fabric and used the pink for a new great-niece. A few months later I made this one, not knowing that the same couple were expecting again. When their little boy was born, he got this in fabric similar to his sister's quilt. I was told that they both considered these their precious 'blankies' and carried them around all day. Mom had to wash them at night when they were sleeping.

I've a question for you wise quilters out there. I tried using those fabric sheets made to go through your printer (my printer doesn't like my homemade ones, no matter what I do to them), and find that the fabric used is so tightly woven that sewing the labels on my quilts is almost painful. Sharp needle, thimble and all, I'd rather not use them --- unless of course someone has a tip that will help me make this easier??


Joyce said...

You are away ahead of me even getting labels made! I have never done any printing of fabric so, sorry, no help here.

Paula, the quilter said...

Here are 2 things to try:
1. for your own homemade labels, cut a sheet of freezer paper this size of a full piece of paper, then cut the fabric the same width but shorter. Iron the fabric onto the paper. When you put it into your printer, put in the end without the fabric on it first. This gives the printer something to 'grab'. If the problem is that the paper/fabric combo does not feed properly, this should work.
2. For the other type, with some preplanning, you can sew the label onto the backing by machine before sandwiching and quilting. This assumes that the quilt is going to be machine quilted.

jovaliquilts said...

Can't help you with that, sorry! But I like your sampler quilt -- more interesting than most since the blocks are different sizes.