Friday, August 15, 2008

Joy, more joy, and Dots

Yesterday's email brought a happy one from Leonna, the first to receive one of my Pay it Forward items. She was excited and her delight made my day too. When all three are safe at home, I'll post some pictures. What fun!

I just finished another little 'cheater' using a Mary Englebreit panel, this time a book. It is easy, cute and will go to a baby whose not yet arrived and the parents know the gender, but won't tell. So this baby is getting some books. This couple is dear to me, so a quilt will come later when I know their colors, etc.

Also, I'm working on another heart mat. This one is really spotted. I've not finished the quilting (hence the pins) nor decided on the binding, but wanted to post a picture as is. I tried the white dotted but it is too much contrast. I'd like the red, but there isn't enough left. Sob. Binding tips anyone?


Joyce said...

I would go with either matching the background or plain black if you have one that matches the black of the background. I have some of that dotted fabric and just love it. It's almost gone though.

Tracey in CT said...

I'm stil waiting patiently. It always seems like for some reason, packages coming from Canada take extra long in customs compared to packages from anywhere else. I'm hoping that it will arrive safely within the next few days!!! I'll let you know when it gets here!