Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kaleidoscope 2

I've been quilting much more than taking pictures or blogging. This week the mystery quilt has gone to a longarm quilter, so it seems a good time to post another picture. (net work connection is acting up... and keeps disconnecting in the middle of uploading, so I'll post when I get it fixed)

This is K-2, my second kaleidoscope. I did a narrow
piping in the binding and put a few beads on it, mostly a cluster hanging from the middle. Yes, my points matched (some wind up putting a button to cover up this difficult part of this pattern), but I wanted to do this.

The close-up shows the quilting. I did a formal pattern, which looks nice but I hated doing it.

K-3 is partly quilted and should be finished soon. This one is getting a similar
quilting pattern but all freehand, which I call scribble quilting, and I make it up as I go along.

I love making these and will do one now and then just for fun. I'm imagining the next one in bright, rich colors, even metallics.

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sewkalico said...

These are lovely. I also find if I blog, I don't sew and if I don't sew I have nothing to blog about LOL