Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Now I need some advice

My mother-in-law called yesterday. I thought it would be to wish me happy birthday, but she began the conversation with, "How much would you charge to make me a quilt?"

After some conversation and a little teasing from me, I told her, "Well, since you are my mother-in-law, and since I kind of like you, I'll just make you one."

She said, "Oh, I was hoping you would say that."

So now I'm side-tracked again. All those delicious projects that are underway or in my head are set aside and I'm trying to figure out what pattern to use. She likes florals, no applique (whew!), scrappy look is fine, wants a beige background, and wants pale green, green, and burgundy. She has a twin bed but no skirt so this one has to be bedspread size. I'm hoping to use a lot of my stash for it.

So, I'm open for suggestions! I even have a prize for the person who can offer me a simple pattern idea that will not take forever to make, and that will please a woman in her eighties who has enough pluck to call me on my birthday and ask for a gift!



Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

First I just want to wish you a happy birthday! Did she even remember it was your birthday?

As far as pattern, do something you love, not too complicated. If it were me it would be some strip piecing technique like fast Trip around the world.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Wanda,

Thank you! No, she didn't, but at her age and with some dementia, even that she remembers our phone number is a good thing! Someday we will laugh together about our forgetfulness.

Trip around the world would work as a stash buster, so I will consider it. Thanks.

Rose Marie said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you and I'm with Wanda for a Trip Around the World. It's fast and fun to do.