Monday, February 18, 2008

Kaleidoscope 2 - Day 2

Yesterday I added the next round of pieces to these two Kaleidoscope quilts. Again, I was able to get two sets of piece #4 (there are 5 and you work backwards) from my strata, so had two different "looks" for each quilt.

I put each set on each quilt and this is my decision. I can hardly wait to add the next set. This quilt is so much fun to make, like a puzzle without the picture to tell you the outcome or a mystery with optional endings!

Today I hope to add at least one more set of pieces, and hope that my strata will be long enough. If not, I've enough fabric to make some more.

This quilt cannot be sewn together until all the pieces are laid out. I have to take it to a class tonight, so it is heavily pinned on an old sheet so it will transport. If those pieces fall off, it would likely not be too much fun trying to figure out where they belong.

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